Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Power of LinkedIn

I’ve just joined the fast growing Central European team of Capgemini. In my new role of Managing Consultant it will be my pleasure to develop offerings of this global IT services and business consultancy around the lines of Service Oriented Architecture.

In another place of this blog I am discussing the business model of social networks. Indeed, the model is flawed, as today’s applications motivate participants to grow their “trusted” networks indefinitely (last time today I’ve got an invitation saying “it is always beneficial to increase the size and scope of ones network…”). So, this conclusion is very true.

But of course, even if the business model is not right, it does not imply anything about practical usability of these applications. Actually, I can serve as a good example myself. After being a member of the LinkedIn network for just two months, I was approached by headhunters working for Cap. They found my profile at LinkedIn around the same time when another big IT company found me on this network, too. Then both these companies approached me directly and gave me the luxury of deciding between two good opportunities.

The lesson learned? Applications like social networks really work. Even before visionary projects like UPI happen (sorry, this is my child :-)), social networks are already turning the internet into a more structured place. By improving search in more and more special areas, the internet is gradually becoming a medium where you can find what you need.

So there is one symbolism for me. Since now, I have a new job. But in the same time, I have been shown that the world has changed.

Welcome to a networked world! It will be my pleasure to continue meeting you there.

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Blogger darioti said...

To attest to the power of linked in, i found your blog through perusing a common contact's netowrk - Matt Gertner.

Great stuff here. Keep it going.

11:58 AM  

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