Monday, October 09, 2006

The Blue Chip Expert service - is this the future of networking?

I have recently received multiple invitations to join a startup internet network called the Blue Chip Expert service. Eventually I was unable to resist and joined, too, to learn more about it. My first feelings are however mixed.
On one hand, it is true that internet networks like this one will significantly change Executive Search and recruitment industry one day. On the other hand, all these networks must go through one very delicate phase: they have to be very innovative in the way how they catch attraction, but in the same time they should retain their credibility.
The dilemma is simple: all of these networks strive to become the next "de-facto" standard in their particular market niche and, in addition, they have to do it faster than any competitor. But it is too easy to become too "innovative"!
I cannot help myself, but the Blue Chip Expert service looks like a pyramid-game and has a strong flavor of multi-level marketing. Myself I have received 10 invitations in just three days, but I am a happy guy, because some friends of mine receive 20 invitations every day, which is very annoying. This email storm certainly helped the service to build awareness of professionals without extensive marketing money, but even through it didn’t cost the company a penny, I am pretty sure that the price was already too high. It is not a good thing for any service to become labeled "spam marketing", and even more it is true for a service that should be based on trust.
I already formed my opinion. I actually thought a lot about future of recruiting, including how to optimally use (virtual) communities in this process. I am pretty sure that motivation of the virtual community should be more complex than just a simple MLM-like scheme, which the Blue Chip Expert system offers.

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