Monday, May 14, 2007

Opportunity to be filled: personal notes in contacts

The history taught us one lesson very clearly: the best chance for adoption have those products that solve particular customer problem. So let us have a look at one particular customer problem now; problem which is well known, but yet unsolved today. It is a problem of managing personal notes in our contacts.

Most contact organizers, both in paper and electronic form, allow users to add personal comments to any contact in the database. This in fact splits the information in organizers in two groups:

  1. Contact information with up-to-date phone number, email address and job title – this part would be preferably updated by the contact himself;
  2. Strictly personal judgments and notes that are unambiguously linked to the contact information, but still remains the sole property of the user who wrote it. This part cannot be updated automatically and may be shared if and only if it is explicitly required.

To my knowledge, solution that would separate these two categories and would allow synchronizing the public part while still keeping the private part untouched doesn’t exist on the market. “Personal tags” in Xing are not satisfactory for this purpose indeed. In a long-term, "Unique Personal Identificator" defined earlier in this blog, would solve this problem – it would unambiguously link all information about particular person both on the web, and in personal notes of whichever form. But before these general solution emerge, there is a gap on the market. Any interest to fill it?

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Blogger Iztok said...

Dear Jiri, it takes some time to me to finaly visit your Blog. I found many interesting material. Lets talk now about personal notes in contacts that should be updated automaticaly.
I have been using Plaxo since 3 years. I think it fulfill all your mentioned request. There is just one small problem. There isn't enaugh user registered in the service. So, we still need to update the most of our contacts. Notes to the contact won't be overwriten by Plaxo Sync.

9:36 AM  
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