Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OnLive's video gaming tech was sold for less than $5m

Cloud gaming service OnLive too much resembles the ASP model of IT delivery that never took really off in 2000's. Maybe this is why OnLive was sold for a bargain.

ASP was based on the idea of hosting the software written for PC on the server. Similarly, OnLive is based on hosting games written for PCs and videoconsoles on this online service. ASP never took really of and llater on, ASP was superseded by the SaaS model, where companies write software specifically intended for "as a service" delivery. This software can better utilize advantages of cloud, namely by allowing cooperation of multiple users and by interconnection to other internet services. Compare for example Google Docs with MS Office to see the difference in functionality.
Can we expect similar developments in the cloud gaming industry? Read more in my today's article on Start2Cloud.


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