Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Gap between iPad and Android closes. Should Apple open its ecosystem to others?

In a new study that was released Monday, it’s said that around 25% of American adults own a tablet. The iPad has the greater market share, but not by much. 52% of tablet owners have an iPad, while the remaining 48% own an Android variant. Around the same time last year, the iPad owned 81% of the tablet market share.

This news shows that Apple’s advantage as the firstcomer to the tablet market is already over. Maybe it is time for Apple to revisit its traditional strategy of building a closed ecosystem and think instead more about involving others on its own success. In the opposite case, the history of near failure of Apple's in the 90’s may repeat. Well, no one company in the world is strong enough to successfully fight against the rest of the market. Read more in my today's comment.


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